Les lecteurs demandent: Bmw Serie 1 Ou X1?

Do BMW 1 Series have a lot of problems?

What are the most common problems with a used BMW 1 Series hatchback? The 1 Series has been the subject of a few recalls: for a rear axle problem, an issue with the power-assisted brakes, a possible fault with the side airbags and seat belt tensioners, and a risk of some diesels catching fire.

Do BMW X1 have problems?

BMW X1 Reliability Rating Breakdown. The BMW X1 Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5.0, which ranks it 6th out of 11 for luxury compact SUVs. The average annual repair cost is $915 which means it has poor ownership costs. While repairs are more common, these issues are less likely to be severe than with other cars.

Is BMW 1 Series a good car?

The BMW 1 Series is one of the best premium hatchbacks on sale, offering a combination of performance, efficiency and driver thrills. The BMW 1 Series may have made the switch to front (and four) wheel drive but this change hasn’t diluted its appeal – the smallest BMW is still great to drive.

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How much bigger is X1 than X3?

Being a compact luxury SUV, as opposed to the subcompact X1, the X3 has a longer wheelbase and bigger exterior dimensions all around. It’s taller, longer, wider, and has a 0.8 inch higher ground clearance. An additional ~ 10 inches in length and ~3 inches in width and height gives the X3 more road presence.

Is BMW 116i a good car?

The BMW 1 Series 116i is the best 1 Series for private buyers. The diesels cost more money to buy and around town they will return a worse fuel economy than smaller, petrol powered counterparts. Both of those cars however look sharper, and a 1.4 TFSI S Line A3 and M Sport 116i are near enough the same price.

How many miles will a BMW 1 Series last?

Average mileage is around 15,000 per yearso I would expect 60-70k for this year NOT 90k. Factor in that it’s a BMW and that it’s getting close to 100k miles, so it may need some expensive maintenance done = possible money pit that you REALLY may want to avoid. 4 people found this helpful.

Is a BMW 1 Series expensive to maintain?

Are BMWs expensive to repair? The general consensus amongst mechanics and drivers is yes, BMWs are expensive to repair. The BMW 5 Series cost an average of £585 per year to maintain, while the BMW 1 Series came in at £518, followed by the BMW 3 Series at £486.

Are older BMW 1 Series Reliable?

Our most recent reliability survey has placed the 1 Series at the top of the family car class, whereas it more usually finishes around mid-table. Our survey said diesel-engined 1 Series models are twice as dependable as their petrol counterparts; only 5% had a fault, compared with 10% of petrols.

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Is it worth buying a BMW X1?

The BMW X1 combines many of the things that buyers love about SUVs in a compact package, but its ride quality and infotainment system hold it back from true greatness. Even so, this little Bimmer returns impressive fuel economy and tops nearly all of its competition in cargo and passenger space.

What is the BMW X1 comparable to?

2019 Cadillac XT4. Technically, the Cadillac XT4 is one size up from the X1, making it more of a logical rival to the BMW X3. But it’s priced keenly (from $35,790), so potential buyers hoping for more rear passenger space might want to consider it when it goes on sale in fall 2018.

Does X1 need premium gas?

No matter your model, BMW recommends using only premium-unleaded fuel. That’s not to say your BMW won’t run on lower-grade fuel, but premium-unleaded fuel will maintain its quality in the long run, letting you drive at peak performance consistently.

Do BMWs have alot of problems?

It isn’t the most reliable brand on the market, experiencing issues with their engines, fuel system, non-electrical systems and the axle and suspension. Though many will report these issues, there are also a lot of owners that will state they have had their vehicles for several years and experienced any problems.

How many miles should a BMW last?

Most BMW cars will last 200,000 – 250,000 mile with proper maintenance. In addition to regular maintenance, you can expect to need to replace common parts such as coolant system, electric windows, and battery as the vehicle ages. It’s not uncommon to see BMWs purchased in the 1980s still on the road today.

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What is the difference between the BMW 1 Series models?

BMW 1 Series engines are identified with a three-digit number – the higher the number, the more powerful the engine. Diesels have a ‘d’ at the end and petrols an ‘i’. BMW calls its four-wheel-drive system xDrive. Each trim level brings a different amount of equipment for a different price.

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